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A “sofit” is a common misspelling of the word soffit. A soffit is a bracket usually used for running pipes and cables through tight spaces or within walls. Most soffits are custom fabricated out of wood by carpenters in a time-consuming process. The word soffit (not sofit) comes from the french word sofitte and vulgar latin suffiticus or “to fasten underneath”. Simpliframe is something completely new (you wont find the original name in latin). It is revolutionizing the painstaking process of fabricating and installing soffits. On average it takes a professional carpenter 1 hour to make a wooden soffit. It would take the average DIYer 2-3 times longer than that.

That is why you don’t need a “Sofit”. Simpliframe replaces traditional soffits and installs in just seconds. Just clip the pieces together and install with only 2 easy screws. No backbreaking work required. The Simpliframe will simplify your next home improvement project. It’s also great for builders as it saves money on the labor usually consumed by making custom soffits. Installing Simpliframe could not be easier just watch this short video:

Once you use Simpliframe you’ll never want to make another “sofit”. Not only is it easy to use and install, but it is inexpensive and fits almost anywhere. Simpliframe is a modular system build to replace a traditional “sofit” and has parts to fit behind crown moldings, under desks, in walls and in many more places. At the same time Simpliframe is robust enough to hold even large HVAC ducts and scales out as needed to fit larger conduits. The Simpliframe means no more “Sofits” take a look at our shop to see all the custom shapes we offer. They are guaranteed to save you time, money and make your life easier when compared with fabricating and installing wooden “sofits”.

The Day of the “Sofit” has Passed

Our installation guides make it even easier. Plus you don’t need any tools besides a screwdriver to install it (unlike a custom “sofit” or soffit). If you interested in reselling Simpliframe in your hardware store or are a builder and would like to use it on your next project, call us at (888)511-7522 to get a free sample of Simpliframe. The product speaks for itself, it’s a real-time saver. If your not sure just watch this short install tutorial. You will never use a soffit or “sofit” again.

Simpliframe was featured in the products column of the August 2014 edition of The Journal of Light Construction magazine. It is an honor to be featured in such a prestigious magazine. We are shipping out our latest batch of products to excited customers and we would like to continue development of our future products. The article showcased the ease of using Simpliframe as a drop in replacement for wooden soffits. The benefit to builders is considerable. Skilled labor is pricey and your crews can be more cost effective using an easy to install solution like Simpliframe.

We are looking into releasing additional Simpliframe brackets to fit a wider variety of needs.