Simplifii Design co-founder makes the news.

Simplifii Design is proud to announce that Sam Notaro, co-founder of Simplifii Design has been honored with an article in the Riverhead News Review. In the article, Sam speaks about the process of bringing a product from an idea on a piece of paper to a shelf at a building supply store. With the help of his father and co-founder Frank Notaro, they have turned their passion for construction and invention into a business. The father-son duo have brought two new products,  Simpliframe and Simpliseam to market over the last few years. Simplifii Design products can now be found in lumber yards spanning the Northeast. 

Simpliseam is catching on!

Simpliseam is an add-on for a spackling blade that gives it a curved edge, designed to reduce the need for sanding while spackling a seam in gypsum board. The idea was originally conceived by Frank’s friend and business partner Robert Kacperski, who wanted to create a curved spackling knife. From there the three men spent months honing what later became an add-on tool to have just the right curvature to reduce or eliminate sanding while spackling seams. The simple but effective idea caught on like wild-fire at the 2016 JLC LIVE Residential Construction Show, where they sold all 500 samples in just a few hours. All this excitement caught the attention of Larry Wegman formerly of Northeast Wholesale Fastener and Building Materials. Simplifii Design is happy to annouce that Northeast Wholesale Fastener and Building Materials  is now the exclusive supplier of Simpliframe and Simpliseam in the North East.

Speaking about Simplifii Design as a company,

“It started slow, but now it’s getting exciting,” Frank said.

“It’s a struggle, but it’s just perseverance … and luck,” Sam said.

With our new distribution partners at Northeast Wholesale Fastener and Building Materials Simpliframe and Simpliseam will now be available at a store near you soon!

Simpliseam at the following stores right now!

Check out the article below!

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