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Simpliframe 2.0 – Column Enclosure

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This package includes all of the components to create four frames around an 8′ basement column to support paneling or gypsum board.

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Quickly Enclose Basement Columns

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Blocking out a support column to prep it for sheet-rock or paneling is way too time consuming. Now there is a better way. The Simpliframe interlocking framing system is sold in kits containing small plastic parts that snap together into rectangular frames that you then cover with paneling or gypsum.

The Column Enclosures Assembly is an extension of the simpliframe modular system. It is designed to fit securely around a 3″, 31/2″ or 4” basement column. All you have to do is snap off the connectors that you don’t need and assemble the frame around the column. It can be assembled around an existing column and gypsum board, corner bead or wood paneling can be fastened directly to the frame without the need for traditional wood framing. See the Installation Video to learn more. Check Out the directions here: Column Enclosure Directions V2

When installed around your column, Simpliframe 2.0 is only 5″ by 5″ which is compact and uses less materials to cover your column. You can also use the column enclosures assembly to create a soffit or chase.


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Dimensions 12 x 1.5 x 9 in


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